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The Group

The group CIMULEC, your partner for your projects of high added value

In 1998 CIMULEC buys CSI Sud-Ouest to form the CIMULEC Group
SYSTRONIC joins the group in 2014.

This is the next stage of our industrial strategy which aims at making the three companies of the group a privileged partner for the manufacture of printed circuit boards with high added value. Its products are characterized by:

  • A full range of qualification for industrial, aero-mil and space projects.
  • A large technological range
  • A high reliability,
  • Assistance from prototype to production.

Thanks to the similarity of the means of production in all our plants, we can offer you:

  • Security of your projects regarding the time schedule,
  • A high reactivity.

CIMULEC in figures:

  • 180 staff members
  • 3 industrial sites
  • Volume of sales : 25 M €