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Our commitments

The corporate culture of the group Cimulec is expressed through: The strong feeling of affiliation of each member of the Cimulec-Team, excellent service, responsiveness and technical expertise.

This culture and these values are used for our quality policy. It focuses on the following:

the satisfaction of the client

The reliability of our products, as well as providing technical assistance during the design phase and respecting deadlines are our priorities. As a result of continuous improvement efforts, and strong versatility we increase our competitiveness and ensure our development. Our industrial strategy helps grow while guaranteeing a perfect durability of your products.

Constant improvement

Our quality management system is continually assessed and necessary improvements are introduced. Thus, we can guarantee a constant improvement process.

Internal and external relations

To all partners we owe a qualitative and reliable performance. Therefore, we also see our employees as internal customers or suppliers. This leads to the fact that each one of them works rigorously and autonomously.

We work also closely with our external partners: the reliability of our deliveries is the basis of the quality of our products.

Securitty / Environment

The group is engaged in a process of continuous improvement regarding security and environment:

  • Evaluation and reduction of risks
    • Strict respect of security rules
    • Improvement of security and health at the working place
    • Prevention through training
  • Sustainability
    • Strict respect of environmental rules
    • Consumption control, and environmentally sound disposal of waste
    • Expert handling of hazardous substances and waste
    • Major programs integration (REACH, RoHS, Conflict Minerals...) - EXP_CERTIFICATIONS_LIEN_2 - EXP_CERTIFICATIONS_LIEN_3

Our internal communication policy helps to ensure that every member of staff is actively involved in this quality policy.